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Friendly Weekend

By February 21, 2012December 16th, 2014Games, Movies, Weekend


Weekends, more so than weekdays, make us eager for Spring. I think it’s being around the house all day and wishing it was just a little warmer out so we could work outside. This weekend, however, there was very little work happening. We had guests!

Neil’s best friend Chris (Crash) and his fiancé Tina came town for a visit and some design work. They are getting married this spring and need some announcements and other misc. things designed. It’s been forever since I’ve done fancy print things, so I am happy to oblige.

But first, food!


The weather this weekend was mild enough to finally BBQ again. Neil’s been chomping at the bit! After last season, we finally put the old grill on the curb and picked up a new Weber just last week. It was overdue. Our old murdered out discount grill was rusty, slowly falling apart and a pain to clean. We’d been going back and forth on whether to buy a nicer grill, a Big Green Egg, or a moderately priced grill AND a smoker. We settled on getting a reasonable grill and smoker, because it offers us a little bit of everything.



Our menu consisted of, Pork Steaks, Tiger Tails and a huge batch of asparagus and Brussels sprouts. I tossed the brussels in a little honey and coconut sugar, and the asparagus in salt, pepper, minced garlic and olive oil. Always a hit, though I think the asparagus should have probably come off the grill a little sooner.


After dinner, the boys retreated to the loft for a mini-LAN party, while Tina and I grabbed some snacks and headed to the couch for some movies. Tina recently completed grad school as well, so a night doing absolutely nothing on the couch is still a weird feeling. We watched 27 Dresses, It’s Complicated, and New in Town (fun fact: it’s set in the town my family is from). We totally lost track of time until the boys wandered down around 4:00 a.m.!

Needless to say, we were a more than a little ragged and hungover the next morning — and HUNGRY! We decided to take Crash and Tina to our favorite breakfast spot, Cafe Berlin. We love it because it is fresh, uses local ingredients, and the staff are always a great source of entertainment. On this visit, a cook in the kitchen was belting out “Unbreak My Heart.” I ordered my favorite spinach and swiss omelette, Neil ordered biscuits, bacon and gravy, Tina had some amazing waffles, and Crash ordered a MASSIVE pancake burrito. Yum!


After our massive breakfast, we said our goodbyes. And then we crashed…