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Happy Birthday to Neil and My Dad

By July 16, 2010March 19th, 2014Birthday, Family, Neil


So Neil and my Dad share the same birthday. Too much awesome for one day? Possibly. Neil is turning 29 and my dad is turning 62. They are so similar that it seems almost too perfect that they also share the same birthday. For one, they are the funniest people you will ever meet. Both have an extremely dry sense of humor, and the wit is usually so unexpected that it sucks the air right out of my chest. They are also both very bold, and its almost gotten us beat up on multiple occasions. Yes, my dad has almost gotten our asses kicked. At Disney World no less. Here’s a tip, never comment on a woman’s choice not to shave her armpits. It might save your life.

So Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband Neil and my awesome dad. Without both of you, life would definitely be a lot less interesting.