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Welcome to Kohler Created

We are part small business owners helping other small business owners and part bloggers documenting our fun stuff online.

Our business: tech + creative solutions for small businesses

If you’re like us, you thrive on routine, stability, and efficiency. You’re committed to winning at whatever you set your mind to, and you expect the same out of everyone you work with. You like working with people you trust, and if someone does well by you, they have a customer for life. Does this sound like you?

We’ve always been the go-to “tech people” for our friends and family. So after our wedding in 2009, Kohler Created was formed with just an email address.

Fast-forward 10+ years and we’ve been nearly booked solid since day one. We’re committed to getting to know you and finding the perfect design + technology solutions for your business goals.

We can do a lot, more than we could ever put on a website, so don’t hesitate to ask us lots of questions. We look forward to working with you!

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A little history

Neil gets his first full-time IT job while still in high school.
Jessica designs her first solution for a client.
We get married and start Kohler Created.
We work full-time jobs by day and moonlight our passion projects at night.

Our lives: CrossFit, racing, books, food and more!

We started our blog in 2008 to document our life together after being in a long-distance relationship for our first year. Life felt like it was moving really fast, and we really didn’t want to forget all the new and exciting things we were experiencing together, many for the first time.

Fast forward more nearly 10 years and our blog continues to follow our lives as they constantly change, and now focuses primarily on everything from food and gardening to CrossFit and racing. Just like our business, it’s a little bit of everything good. We totally typify the adage “once tried, forever addicted.”

Some of the big milestones:

What do we write about?


Three years ago, we randomly stumbled into a CrossFit box after hearing about it from our neighbor. We went in not knowing what to expect but left our first WOD completely changed. We immediately cancelled our gym memberships and have been hooked on CrossFit ever since. Jessica obtained her Crossfit Level 1 Trainer certification in February of 2013 and Level 2 in December of 2016 and now enjoys not only teaching but competing.

In addition to CrossFit, we still enjoy other types of fitness and exercise, including running, Pilates and yoga, which we try to give some love as often as possible.


Our large collection of vegan/vegetarian recipes juxtaposed against our summer BBQ posts and breadmaking forays might be a little confusing when trying to nail down our exact approach to food. Here’s the deal: we are actually mostly Paleo. While our diet was by no means “unhealthy,” the decision to aim for a mostly Paleo diet was a change we made to accommodate the fitness demands of CrossFit, and its one that we’ve been completely happy with.

Every recipe we’ve made to date (with exception of a few) focus on fresh and whole foods — with as few processed ingredients as possible. Above all, this is something that we feel is both optimal and achievable no matter what you believe.


In addition to all things “fitness,” we also LOVE being outdoors hiking, floating, backpacking and camping.


While recreation is most certainly a hobby, we certainly have more of them, and love to share their progress updates on the blog. Neil’s racing season will kick into high gear this spring, and with new equipment both inside and out, we can’t wait to document his first season back in the drivers seat.

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Our Schtick

As we tell most people, we don’t take ourselves that seriously. We don’t purpose our blog to be your go-to for personalized answers or expertise. We’re lifelong newbs, and we’re not an absolute authority on anything we write about. Blogging isn’t our life; the blog is about our life.

That being said we hope the tutorials and opinions we offer will be informative, entertaining and hopefully will allow you consider trying something you otherwise might not have. Most of all, we hope our stories and life will be something you enjoy following and being a part of. We look forward to getting to know you!

Disclaimer: Without a doubt you will see some “gray area” ingredients in our eats and recipes. It’s unavoidable. While these foods/ingredients may not be Paleo in the context of their actual availability during the Paleolithic area, they most likely are not staples in our diet, and have been added in context for diversity. Our diet is a constant area of exploration and evaluation, and we do our best to adhere to the framework of a Paleo diet without being impractical, obsessive and annoying to those around us. Please feel free to omit and substitute ingredients as you see appropriate (with proper credit of course), and email us if you have questions, we will do our best to help you.