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A Few Bits From Our Weekend

By April 5, 2010December 16th, 2014Weekend

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a good weekend. Ours started out pretty cruddy, but turned around amazingly. We were supposed to drive 3 hours south to Springfield to pick up our repaired Jeep, but they were missing a part that was delayed from the distributor so our trip was cancelled. We recovered nicely with haircuts, lots of movies, gardening and bbq! ┬áNeil “murdered out” (painted entirely black) our old grill and gave it new identity. We made steaks (a rare treat), asparagus, and baked potatoes on the grill and munched on some of these:

We rarely if ever eat potato chips, but were intrigued by the new packaging (it feels like cellophane). Apparently you’re supposed to be able to compost it, and since we’ve started composting again for the season, we just had to try it. The reason we don’t normally eat potato chips? That bag is already empty. We quickly decided to walk off our gluttony, and went for a great walk downtown and back. The flowers and foliage smell so amazing this time of year don’t they?

So we recovered our weekend spirit, and reluctantly trudged back to work this morning. How was your Easter weekend?