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A little PR and some Rx too

By August 8, 2012CrossFit, Jessica

I had a friend take some video during our CrossFit strength session yesterday. I established a new PR for my front squat, 125 lbs! I took it easy yesterday, but I think I can add another 10 lbs and still maintain form so we’ll see later in the week after a bit of recovery. Afterward, I was on a total high, so at the last minute, I decided to try Rx for the WOD:

8-minute AMRAP:
5 burpee box jumps (unlike vid – we have to do full land/hip extension)
5 thrusters

The prescribed weight for Rx was 75 lbs, 5 more than I’d done for push-press in our Skibinski Roast WOD. It was tough, but I managed to finish 6 rounds! I finally feel like I’m making some ground with increasing my weights, but I definitely still feel lacking in a few areas, mainly body weight exercises like strict pull-ups, and toes to bar. Hopefully getting stronger elsewhere starts to help my progress there.

Have you charted new fitness ground lately?

Note: I’m trying to make a better effort to catch little pieces of our CrossFit/workouts. I’m just not good about dragging the camera/phone with me.


  • Holy cow! 125 pounds seems incredible to me. I have no idea what I would be capable of if I tried that. You really make me want to join a Crossfit gym!

    • Jessica says:

      You could definitely do it! As Neil said on FB, I started with NO athletic ability whatsoever and 8 months in, I don’t know how I lived with myself without it. You’re already so athletic, I bet you’d be doing it in no time!