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All From Memory

By October 27, 2009Art

It’s no secret that this man is special, but talk about inspirational. Stephen Wiltshire was mute when he was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of three. He began communicating through his drawings after being sent to Queensmill School in London. He eventually learned to speak. It was in school that his miraculous artistic talent was discovered when he drew the very complicated Albert Hall after a field trip without a photograph but entirely from memory. Wiltshire can literally look at the subject of his drawing once and reproduce it with photographic detail right down to the exact number of columns or eaves by memorizing shapes, locations, and flourishes. Above, he is recreating the New York Skyline after seeing it during a brief helicopter ride. Wiltshire has already completed the skylines Tokyo, Rome, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Madrid, Dubai, Jerusalem and London.

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{image via Dropular}