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All Hail Martha Stewart

By September 30, 2010Food, Kitchen


If you live in a smaller town, you no doubt have been where we have in the past week. Excited to make our Bun, we wanted to expand our kitchen inventory to include a julienne peeler. Nothing too crazy, expensive or dangerously impulsive right? We don’t tbuy a lot of gadgets in the interest of saving space in our tiny rental, but if you have a julienne peeler you know that it’s a smallish and handy little tool that slices your veggies into even, OCD-gratifying  little strips, often referred to as the julienne cut.

What you see above is the result of nearly a full night of driving around and calling nearly every store in town. A sweet set of three Martha Stewart magnetic peelers, including our much sought after julienne.

One set. Available at only one store. In our ENTIRE town.

We were desperate, and at the point of seriously considering driving to St. Louis (2 hours away) or paying for expensive overnight delivery, but Martha Stewart saved us once again. I’m pretty sure the cashier thought we were nuts when we pretty much fell to our knees in audible worship upon seeing it in the display. The fact that I cradled the dutch oven display and all but molested the the fall bakeware probably didn’t help. Just in time too, they’ve been discontinued!

Clive’s also wearing one of her new collars. I swear I’ll stop before she takes out a restraining order.


  • You are preaching to the choir! I live in a small town with a crappy Wal-Mart, which I refuse to enter as it just depresses me. Luckily, there’s a Target about a half hour away, and we go there about once a month. Ordering things online is often the only way to get the things I need, including recipe ingredients.

  • Blake says:

    WOW there tiger! Calm down a bit! Congrats on finding it just in time!

    @Chrissy. I appreciate your stance on Wal-mart! I’m the same way, I avoid it like a plague. I could go on for hours about how evil Wal-Mart is, but I’ll spare you and all the other readers. (My final project for my Bach. of Architecture degree was about the evils of Big Box Stores).