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Another something I want to give a try

By November 6, 2009Art, Crafts

Another crafty thing I haven’t tried is embroidery. I never thought much of the potential in embroidery until I saw this beautiful piece by Katie of What Katie Does. It’s on paper, but for a special project called The Travelling Moleskine by The Culture Vulture. It just looks fun, and not overwhelmingly difficult. I say that because I’m clumsy and easily distracted and despite my occupation, not all that good with traditional “womanly” crafts.

{images via Twig and Thistle}


  • Samantha says:

    Embroidery is one of the most beautiful crafts that is quickly disappearing, in my opinion. I started to teach myself in high school (I was requested to embroider in a play I was acting in, and so I did my usual, “It can’t be that hard” routine) but as usual, it got cast aside for other things. I’m right there with you in desiring to pick it back up. All you need is patience (and perhaps bifocals) ;-).

  • paulrandfan says:

    Well I finally got my glasses, so I might try it again soon…once I finish my other projects and take my grad exam lol