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Coffee in Heaven

By October 28, 2009Interior Design

So my mouth is almost entirely back to normal after being being puffed up and sore from a lovely dentist filling visit this AM. Don’t have coffee? Head to your local dentist and let him drill on your upper molars. I was thoroughly worn out after and I had no reprieve as the doctor sternly warned against hot beverages until the numbness wore off. Ironically as I was fantasizing about a warm cup of “Starbucky’s” as Neil and I call it, when I came across this incredible near-fantasy of a coffee shop. Yes, the above image is a coffee shop in Poland! Think of all the inspiration and creative head-think time you’d have over a wonderful cup of coffee here. I’d hatch a gazillion gazunga ideas (yes not a real number). I didn’t think it was real…

It almost reminds me of a tree house. I love that it is a small space that has endless amounts of nooks and details. If it were my home I’d probably be less enthusiastic, but as a place of reprieve and escape, its perfect!

{via The Bedlam of Beefy}