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Dreading Fall Already…

By July 9, 2009March 19th, 2014CoMo, Wedding

I  want to apologize for my absence over the past week or so. As my aunt informed me the other day, this Saturday will mark the two-week point until our wedding, and it’s kicked me in the kidneys with the amount of things I have yet to finish and cement. I joked with a friend of mine that just got married, that I should be able to frame my to-do lists as abstract art when this is all over, though it might turn my stomach to look at them too often and remember the fever-pitch of the few weeks before the wedding and how insane my life has become.

On the note of feverpitch, I must complain about one which has erupted in this town since the July 4th holiday. Normally, we associate team spirit with comradery and teamwork, but here at Mizzou it’s something else altogether. Its become almost disturbing and clinically obsessive. There seems to be nowhere to hide from it, crazed bandwagon fans whose every garment, conversation, status message and social activity revolves around being Mizzou centric. Don’t get me wrong, I think Mizzou a great school, I’m doing my masters here. However obsessed fans…well they creep me out. People who obsess over things like this are along the same lines as cult followers in my opinion. Replace Mizzou-directed obsession with any of the cults or cult movements of the past 20 years and short of group suicide and community isolation, I have a hard time telling them apart. Its just over the top, and its starting to drive me absolutely bananas.

For instance yesterday I was on my way to a friend’s office to pick up my computer he had been repairing. I was on the sidewalk following a prospective student tour. You know the ones. They find the upperclassman who’s had WAY too much of the kool-aid and are being totally supported by their parents. In this case, the girl was all but in aligator tears recounting her years at Mizzou, how much she loved and adored the school and Truman (I wondered if she knew it was a kid in a costume) and how she wanted to stay in Columbia because she couldn’t bear not to be here during football season.

I wish I could go into hiding.