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By April 5, 2015MK, Weekend


…or weekend. This is the first holiday where we’ve been like, “should we do something?” with Kaitlan. At Christmas she didn’t notice anything, and although she still obviously hasn’t a clue, she loves to explore new things — like containers of things, ie Easter baskets. I’m guessing we’ll probably put a little something fun together (I’m writing this on Sunday morning). Even when she understands more, we don’t plan on going overboard. No Pinterest holidays.

We’re headed to my parents for a casual dinner later, but this weekend has already been pretty great. We went to the Farmer’s Market opening with Grandma, did yard work, took a long walk, had dinner out on a patio and slept in (almost 7am, a big deal). In a little bit I’ll coach an Open Gym, then hopefully make Neil some deviled eggs (his favorite). Next year we’ll probably do the whole dye thing with her.

So yeah, pretty awesome. Our little baby is quickly becoming a big girl, and we’ve had SO much fun with her this weekend.