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El Fin De Semana!

By April 3, 2009Uncategorized

Not that planning a wedding allows for much the “traditional” weekend. Tons of projects, tons of things that have to be done before our trip to MN next week and our Engagement Shoot the week after. Blegh! On the agenda:

  • Pine Straw Mulch the Yard (yek)
  • Study for GRE
  • Take mom to every store so she can buy us the housing project stuff we need before she leaves again.
  • Find hotel room in Columbia that has two queen beds and a refrigerator for sis.
  • Create outline of whole wedding weekend to build timeline.
  • Add additional guests.
  • Go to mall to finish engagement outfits.
  • Go to Gym.
  • Start Invites…srsly.

{image via FFFFound} – I thought it relevant because there’s a huge elephant looming over our spring and Neil and I are riding it at this point.