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Great start to the weekend!

By November 21, 2008Uncategorized


We are going to see NIN tonight! I know you are probably saying “didn’t you just see them a few months back?” The answer is yes, but can you ever have too much NIN? After we saw them in St. Louis in August, Reznor released another set of tour dates, one of which being Columbia, MO. The first concert was awesome, but it sucked having to drive home from StL in the middle of the night worrying about being too tired, hitting animals and the many truckers on the road at night. This time around it’s in OUR town and about 2 miles from our home! YAY!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. As we bide our time till 5p, I’m busily trying to get my class reading in while finishing a brochure on the ‘Ecology of Grazing Lands Systems.’ We’re going to grab our favorite food at CJ’s tonight (bonus points if you know what that is!), and then we’ll head to the concert. Tomorrow morning, bright and ungodly early we’ll head to the gym to squeeze in a quick workout (and a ‘Body Combat’ class) and head home to get ready for our weekend guests! Crash and his girlfriend Tina are making their way to Columbia this weekend to share some sushi and good times. Crash is nickname for Chris, and he is Neil’s best man. I’ve also asked my maid of honor and her boyfriend to join us. It should be fun, and next Sushi is overall my favorite food in the universe and fun to make.

Sunday begins the mad scramble to get the house and menu ready for the families who are coming for Thanksgiving.

Say a prayer for our nation and try and have a great weekend everyone!