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Halloween for Adults

By November 1, 2012February 9th, 2013Halloween, Holiday


For how last-minute our Halloween seemed to come together, we sure managed to have a lot of fun, and thankfully, more trick or treaters than last year. Last year was kind of a bummer. I think we had a grand total of 10 kids. This year however, I think we got closer to 30. I think the big yards and dark curvy streets just don’t have the same appeal as the tightly well-lit new construction neighborhoods. Oh well, our kids got LOTS of candy!


First things first, carve pumpkins several days later than originally planned.






Neil’s is extra shiny because he cleaned the pen marks off with Goo Gone.


Dress up the kids. Be sure to call them kids, because it seems to piss off people with real kids. This is the best photo we could get of them. Two dogs with four eyes all going in different directions is tough to get with an ordinary DSLR lens.


Matilda absolutely loves clothes. She bit at my fingers when I tried to take it off of her.


Dance pumpkin, DANCE!


Doesn’t look as spooky with clean windows…


My pumpkin looks malicious…


Neil’s looks happy haha…


We watched our very terrible recording ofA Disney Halloween from the eighties. Never released on VHS or DVD, incredibly hard to find, but worth the nostalgia every year. We also watched Psycho, one of my all-time favorites.


New for this year, Adult “Ecto-Coolers.” Remember Ecto-Cooler? I practically grew up with that stuff in my lunch box, and Neil suggested making it last night, only for Adults. He picked up some vodka, orange-tangerine juice and an orange and gave it a good mix in the shaker. There are probably more true-to-flavor recipes out there, but ours was plenty good with a lot less sugar.

So a pretty laid-back night for us, but a lot of fun too. I wish it weren’t too early for another Ecto-Cooler…