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Have a great weekend everyone!

By March 12, 2010blogging, Cats, Weekend

People are going to think I’m the crazy cat lady if I keep it up with pictures of my cats. I can’t help it though, look at that face! Okay, sorry enough. I hope everyone has a great weekend and accomplishes as much or as little as they set out to do. For me, after updating our calendar this week, I’m realizing that there just isn’t enough time, and most of our spring is already accounted for. No complaints, but definitely a lot to accomplish.

We’re enjoying this blogging hobby, and I hope you are enjoying the information and bits about our life we are putting out. I’m constantly trying to grow and learn the intricacies of what to post and when, and how to gain new readership and grow the “business” end, and although I’m not really feeling the success on that end lately (hello? is anyone there??) I am enjoying posting about our lives and constantly working with new ideas and things to try, so on that end I am feeling quite proud of myself. I think my shyness in real life is definitely translating to the web and I feel very mousy and more observant at this point, but it’s constantly something I’m working to overcome.

This weekend we have quite a bit of work and planning ahead of us as we finally start to build our business site, and make more improvements to the blog. Somewhere in there I have freelance to work on and a house to clean. I’d also like to start planning our garden and tell you all about that!

So happy weekend dear readers. May you have the best and get plenty of rest and relaxation!