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I am GLAD it's the weekend

By May 8, 2009Family, Jessica, Neil, Wedding

Yes, I’m sitting in my office watching Pollyanna. My attention span has collapsed and I can’t program another snippet or design another thing. I am SO happy we are on the verge of the weekend. I always like the very beginning of the weekend because it feels like you have endless time and a whole span of possibilities and good things in store. We’re moved into the house, but we haven’t had a full weekend to really LIVE in it, so I’m excited to start a few projects and get a bit more settled and make it pretty for you all to see.

So far it’s been great. The garden is ready, the yard is beautiful, the neighbors are friendly and engaging and it’s quite the different environment than we are used to. Apartment living was anonymous and impersonal. Living in my parents neighborhood felt like an endless play in which we were playing the part of insufficient children, unaccomplished and cause for sympathy. This neighborhood is quite lovely. Lots of young couples, younger people or older people who are progressive and laid back. Our next door neighbor, Virginia, has lived in her house since it was built after World War II. Her husband built our house and our other neighbor Ben’s. She’s 86 years young and loves to stop by and chat and look at flowers. I’m going to plant more and maybe buy a hibiscus because she seems to love exotics/tropicals.

We also have a family right in our own yard! A family of bunnies I’ve nicknamed “teh bunneh’s” (like my speek?). They are fearless and brazenly eat grass and foliage in front of the cats and dart around cars watching us. Me thinks we might need to buy some fencing for our vegetable garden.

This weekend

  • Clean and vaccuum
  • Weed and clean up the back yard
  • Buy a few flowers and transplant our tomatoes and peppers to ensure their continued success
  • Exchange a few things at the craft store
  • Design the wraps for the invites
  • Buy hundreds of stamps


  • Mothers Day
  • Brother’s Graduation
  • Brother’s Graduation Party

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!

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