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Ice Ice Baby

By January 14, 2013January 16th, 2013Food, House, Weekend


Another nice low-key weekend at home. An ice storm kind of derailed our plans to head out-of-town for some shopping, but we made the best of it and decided to get some projects done around the house. So very adult of us right?



Replaced the timing mechanism in this clock Neil made in junior high. I’m thinking of putting it up as part of a frame montage in the living room. It reminds me so much of the clocks my grandpa used to make…


We rented a carpet cleaner and did all the carpets. Since I rented and moved nearly every year before buying a house, it was my first time doing this (Neil’s been a homeowner before). The carpets are so nice and soft again, I love it. Would it be overkill to clean them every 4-6 months?



We started scheming our next big project, painting the upstairs office and guest room. We also want to de-popcorn the ceiling, replace the fixtures and paint the trim. Anyway, we sat up in the guest room scheming for a good hour, which is the most time we’ve spent in the room since we set the bed up. It will be nice when this is finally a cozy guest retreat, and our office is both darker and better lit for our work.


Dinner while we took a break from cleaning was a huge bowl of “healthified” nachos with GF chips, ground pork, lettuce, Greek yogurt, salsa and a little cheese. So many nachos…


Our big project Sunday was slow-cooking a rack of ribs. Recipe forthcoming, they were freaking amazing!


Now, if only this stuff were real snow…


  • Julie says:

    I LOVE that clock!

    We had a bunch of snow, but it all melted this week. Now it feels like spring outside!

    • Jessica says:

      That’s what we had before this latest little storm. It got up to nearly 70 degrees! Now it’s more like 10.

      I love the clock too, there’s something about it, just has the right character.

  • Rachel says:

    I get my carpets cleaned every 4 months or so. My favorite carpet steam cleaners always do deals on groupon. I love how they look afterward!!

    • Jessica says:

      And they smell fresh. Not that I don’t bathe the pups, but after a while all their playing, licking and toys make the carpet smell not-so-fresh.