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Kitchen WOH! A case for reading recipes…

By July 31, 2011Food, Funny, Pizza

Has this ever happened to you? Yesterday, while Neil was out running errands, I decided to make dinner. I’d been wanting to make Annie’s Eat’s Pizza Bites forever, so I made a batch of our favorite dough, and chopped up some pepperoni and grated some fresh mozzarella. Since we’ve made so much pizza to date, I figured it would be easy, and decided to skip reading the recipe and just wing it.

For reference, here are what Annie’s Pizza Bites are supposed to look like. And mine…


Neil came home right after I’d put them in the oven, and when my first timer went off, peered inside and nearly fell on the floor laughing. I looked in from behind him and saw a pizza mountain erupting from the dish. Where had I gone wrong!?


In reading the recipe, I quickly realized my bites were more like several bites, and I’d made them far too big. I’d also slathered the top with the leftover cheese, which had fused them together in a giant pizza glob. Finally, I should have flattened my dough more, or not have allowed it to rise nearly so much.


My kitchen humility is now firmly in check. Nonetheless, my Pizza Mountain Globs (as they are now lovingly referred to), tasted pretty darn awesome, and were a hit with Neil. Next time though, I’ll read the recipe. Lesson learned!


  • Amy says:

    Your pizza mountain globs look pretty delicious to me! I think I will try the pizza bites recipe too.

    • Jessica says:

      Yeah, you really can’t go wrong with cheese, bread and tomato sauce can you? I think you’ll like them, however yours turn out!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I am a horrible recipe improviser. I HAVE to follow recipes exactly or they do not turn out…at all. Maybe one of these days I will actually master the art of cooking and being able to improvise, but sadly, not yet. (by the way, your pizza globs look really yummy).

    • Jessica says:

      I can improvise a lot of things now after a lot of practice and comfortable experiences. I think that’s why I thought I could do this, which apparently was wrong, delicious, but wrong!