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Man vs. Food Cameo

By March 8, 2010Food, Television, Video

So, if you’re food obsessed like Neil and I, you love pretty much the entire line-up of both the Food Network and Travel Channel. I used to laugh at my parents for sitting mesmerized while Malto Mario talked pastas and seafood, but now in my late-twenties Neil and I could easily watch food and travel shows all day. So we were surprised when we didn’t know our friends Matt and Katie (just married this weekend) had made it onto the show Man vs. Food. Check out one of my favorite episodes of all time below. They are in the opening scene in the upper right.

For reference, a beautiful recent photo of the happy couple:

The video (They are in the opening scene of the first part):

How awesome huh? Hat tip to Kyle Burke for sharing that with us this weekend. Stay tuned, later in the week I’ll unveil the invite and program designs I made for their wedding!