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My non-elitist random attempt to plan thoughtful elitist Booklist

By January 7, 2010Books, Jessica

I don’t make a big show of my yearly reading list. You see the bar up at top and see what I’ve read, what I’m reading, and what I want to read. That list is flexible, and it changes all the time. I also have year-round running booklists, in three or four different applications, none of them matching or posessing any continuity. My Amazon booklist, well…check it out, it’s roughly eight pages (ignore the random non-book saves). I don’t keep track of the books I’ve read, and I don’t write intricate scholarly reviews detailing the many depths of analysis I’ve taken away from what I’ve read. I read because all day I write in a language comprised of wingdings and broken English that requires some semblance of mathematical acuity, something I don’t possess without sincere effort.

That being said, I’ve somewhat caved and decided to make a post of just a few of the books I’ve decided to read this year. I make no guarantees, I might pop some other books in if I come across something I like. I don’t make reading an assignment, because the moment it’s on a schedule or becomes a promise or manditory, it stops being a mental vacation and something I look forward to.

Without further ado, my 2010 Reading List, categorized or those with literary OCD:




Religion & Spirituality


Health/Mind/Body Home & Garden

Art & Craft

I should also note that currently I’m participating in #B90days (thats a Twitter hash for those of you who don’t use it). Essentially it’s grouping together with other people to read the Bible in 90 days. Being Catholic, I wasn’t raised with a lot of Bible study so I’ve never actually read more than a few passages or a line or two at any one time. I thought it would be a nice way to start off the year and a nice tribute to my grandmother. I’ll be blogging sporatically about my progress. I’m two days behind currently, so I’m kind of embarrassed.


  • Sheena says:

    NOT Jane Eyre!!! Worst experience of my life! Right now I am reading The Pillars of Earth by Ken Follet. It’s fiction and takes place in the 12th century so it’s really interesting. And different parts of the books are from different characters perspectives — a monk, a poor mason, and the son of an earl.
    I am also reading How The Irish Saved Civiliation which talks about the enormous impact the Irish had on the time period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Middle Ages.
    Next I think I am looking forward to reading another Jane Austen. I have read Mansfield Park and I think I have Sense and Sensibility on my shelf and maybe Emma as well. So not sure if I should do that. I also bought a big book of Celtic Myths that I am excited to read and I bought Canterbury Tales which I am equally excited about.

  • Samantha says:

    I have to disagree with Sheena…only in reasoning that it is a good story…however boring or unhappy it might make a person. I struggled a bit with it and finally skimmed over some of the 4 page dialogues. I do think it’s one you should check off your list.
    Sheena – I’m now going to have to read those Irish books…I’m a huge history nerd and anything Celtic or Gaelic I can get my hands on, I usually read. I’ve never made it all the way through the Canterbury Tales though…are you reading it in Medieval English or Old English or Modern English?

  • Jessica says:

    Yeah, it’s just one of those classics to get off the list. Part of this list too, is rather than buying the newest books off the shelves and accumulating more stuff, just reading what I have on my shelves that I’ve never gotten around to. I bought a beautiful designer-ish copy of Jane Eyre from work a few years ago, and it’s just been hanging out with my copy of Marie Antoinette’s biography. I hope to read both.