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New Family Member

By August 18, 2010Freelance, Frugality, Jessica, Neil

New Coffeemaker


Kohler Created has finally added a full-sized coffee maker to the household. We used the last of our wedding gift cards (that we were hoarding like squirrels), and upgraded our pint-sized 2-cup maker to something that could handle our growing addiction. As of late with all the projects, my Starbucks addiction was getting out of control (though apparently not as bad as Dave Grohl).

So rest assured, we are now adequately caffeinated and ready to work, and Felix has yet another bed. If you thought I was announcing pregnancy, you’ve again been disappointed.


  • My first thought when I saw the name of this post was not, “Baby?!” but, “A second dog already?!” 😉
    Coffemakers are almost as cool as puppies, so I’m not too disappointed. I can’t believe you survived this long on a two cupper!

  • Jessica says:

    At the rate Neil is sending me pictures of puppies, we’ll have a farm. I think the only reason we were “getting by” is because I’d just go to Starbucks and he’d take coffee from the coffeemaker. The money spent on this coffeemaker will easily pay for itself and I can duplicate almost anything from starbucks, aside from the peppermint mocha at Christmas.

  • Blake says:

    I was thinking, another dog? cat? not coffee! 🙂

    I love the David Grohl reference! FRESH POTS!!!!!

  • Jessica says:

    No more pets, our zoo is full!