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Not only E-Books…

By February 15, 2009Uncategorized


…but inevitably easy updates to your library? Nicholas Carr describes:

“One of the things that happens when books and other writings start to be distributed digitally through web-connected devices like the Kindle is that their text becomes provisional. Automatic updates can be sent through the network to edit the words stored in your machine – similar to the way that, say, software on your PC can be updated automatically today.”

So, no lie, even as a designer and lover of printed word I’m excited about the Kindle, but the ethics side of me is really pondering the idea of automatic updates and the loss of printed word. We’ve become this society of endless info consumption. News two days ago feels like years ago. To have flawlessly updated books and a non-existent marking or evidence of history changing and evolving…will it have consequences?

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One Comment

  • Donna says:

    I’m with you, and still I think I would love it! In fact my son-in-law Eric has the K.1, and likes his. I’ve been drooling over it but can’t afford it. Maybe someday—K.4 or 5!?!!!