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One misty misty morning, when cloudy was the weather…

By October 23, 2009Interior Design

Do you ever come across a bed that you almost fine too pretty to sleep in? This bed is beautiful, the pillows are …okay well I think they are delicious. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love shades of purple. Next to green its my favorite color. I love Niki Jones’s ornate use of patterns, felted textures and accents and silhouettes on the bed and matching furniture pieces.


Love the ornate pattern inscribed on the bed

fresh, crisp sheets!

I learned this poem when I was in elementary school and I immediately thought of it when I awoke to another gray, cold and misty late October morning. This fall is the dreariest in my memory, even the years I lived in Minnesota. I look forward to Fall every year, it is my favorite season and I have to say that this year I’m disappointed. I haven’t cleaned up the garden, put out fall flower pots or even decorated for Thanksgiving yet. I just feel like this weather puts us in a holding pattern where we can do nothing but maintain a mere 75% of our normal energy and spend hours warming up when we get home.