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Our first tree

By December 18, 2009December 17th, 2014blogging, Christmas, Holiday, Jessica, Neil, Photography

Our first tree. I love it.

We weren’t going to have one at all. We’re tend to be very minimalistic and when you don’t have kids sometimes you don’t stop to consider all the decorating details of Christmas like you would if you had to do the full dog and pony show. I’m glad we got this though, it’s totally us. A small simple statement that has photos of us, the kitties and a few special ornaments I’ve collected over the years from family (mainly my godmother Auntie Sandy).

We typically take a view of “enoughism” toward most holidays. It might seem hypocritical given we have a sports car and a lot of gadgets, but we opt to not buy a lot of stuff that isn’t necessary. I know people who spend the entire holiday season decorating. There’s nothing wrong with that, sometimes I miss a cozy themed house and lots of hobbies, but I like that in a few short minutes I’ve unpacked my small box of things and am onto something else. Neil and I tend to give a lot of gift cards and baked goods, stuff that doesn’t accumulate or get stacked somewhere and forgotten. That’s why this has been probably the only blog anywhere without a multitude of gift guides and reminders about offers or places to save money. We’re frugal but conscious that while something may be a great deal, or even free, it doesn’t mean you need it or it will make your life better. Sometimes less or even nothing can be just as fulfilling, and that’s the core of “Enoughism.” That and as newlyweds we feel blessed at the mere possibility we’ll see all of our family within the span of the holiday season. No one ever tells you about splitting time and how hard it is to mesh families and balance already precious time.

It’s such a cute little tree, and if you haven’t, switch to LED lights, they are super bright and last longer with less energy!


  • Samantha says:

    J.D. and I have a tiny silver tree that has LED fiber optic lights in it…very nontraditional. I’ll make sure and take some photos of our Christmas set up here on the island and do a little post about it. I’ve been kind of lazy. I think they brainwash you when you get to HI and from then on you’re a lazy, mellow kind of person. Oh, and at home we have like 8-10 strands of lights…all LED and they’re AWESOME!

  • Samantha says:

    I also meant to add that your little tree is so cute! I really like the large lights on such a small tree!

  • Jessica says:

    it was a non-conscious decision, so no credit on our part. We just knew we wanted LED and a small tree that could easily be packed into a box. I’m enthralled with the idea that if someone asked me to move somewhere tomorrow that I could literally do it if necessary.