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Our Foodie Pup

By October 12, 2010Clive, Food, Funny


Clive is our little kitchen groupie as of late. We should have known that with two massive cats, we were sure to adopt another foodie pet, and Clive is no exception. The pup will eat anything and everything, and when he goes somewhere new he’s not sniffing the smells he’s foraging for gibblets unsuspecting people have dropped.


When we spent Labor Day with Neil’s parents on the farm, Clive was in heaven with the unlimited supply of produce and endless gardens. Every time we called for him, he’d run from the garden with vegetable juices dripping from his mouth or still chewing on a piece of tomato. At some point the first night while we were at dinner, he got away from Neil’s parents and ate an entire cantaloupe. While he was a little burpy and gassy (nothing unheard of if you have a Boston), he seemed fine so we thought nothing of it.

In the middle of the night I woke to turn over when I noticed my chest was wet. Thinking I’d drooled, I went to touch my shirt and got a handful of goo instead. Clive had thrown up the cantaloupe — all over me.

Needless to say, we’ll be watching his melon consumption from now on…

Clive’s favorites so far: tomatoes, cantaloupe, ice, popcorn, mixed nuts, and sweet peppers.

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