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Our Montana Trip, Day 3

Testing the water

On our third day, we decided to give ourselves an open-ended day. A day we’d wouldn’t pursue scheduled hikes, or things that required any sort of planning. Instead, we decided to pander gift shops and kayak on McDonald Lake. We had fun perusing the local grocery, where we saw lots of local beer and food and candy that for whatever reason we don’t have in Missouri.

Hunky Hunka

Big Hunk is an old-school candy. It’s honey sweetened nougat with roasted peanuts. Maybe something like a snickers? It does say it’s low-fat, but I wasn’t feeling it.


This one completely baffled me. Another old-school candy (first manufactured in 1918!), there’s not actually potato in it, but soft marshmallow with a dark chocolate coating sprinkled with coconut, so candy potato? It’s probably completely awesome (I love coconut) but I just couldn’t get over the name.

Coconut M&M's

We opted to try Coconut M&M’s. They taste amazing, and look at the cute illustration on each one!

After our candy loitering expedition, we hit Lake McDonald for some kayaking. I’m embarrassed to admit that this was my first time. I’ve lived on the water my entire life and have never been kayaking.


A rare self-image

I loved it. I could have spent all day in that kayak. It’s so peaceful! The kayak rental company gives you a three mile area to kayak in on Lake McDonald and we didn’t even go as far as we could have. It was amazing, but my skin hated it. My shoulders were somewhere between red delicious apple and tomato. All in all a laid back and fun start to the day.

More to come, as I totally forgot to hit the upload button on Flickr last night!