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Rainy, murky, dreary and wet.

If you’re not from Missouri, I’ve just filled you in on the last 10-12 days. I guess my last employment situation made it easier to not notice the weather, or maybe this is just so miserable that it’s hard not to see it like it’s on my nose. Outside today it’s not only wet, saturated and humid, but cold to boot. When is it going to end? I haven’t planted, gardened, or even enjoyed a nice walk outside. Definately another reason I don’t think I could ever settle in Missouri, because I know immediately after this is over it will settle into hot, miserable and more time inside.

I know I’ve been a little slow on the blogging front this week, but we’ve been in our moving shift, that is, trying to shift everything from my parents house into our new house.

Isn’t it cute? Well it’d be much cuter if it weren’t so dreary outside and I could clean up the gardens a bit. Anyway, we’ve spent this week cleaning and moving smaller items in and getting arrangements worked out for our utilities and internet. After surveying the walls a bit, we asked the landlord if it would be alright to paint over the two bedrooms. There were scuffs and some children’s decor that we just wanted to wipe clean. We plan to live here for a while, so we’d like to be comfortable.

Before (Guest Room):


I know it’s hard to see from the photo, but it’s a very soft and neutral blue/gray. It’s very relaxing, and is one of my favorite colors. This weekend we’ll move the last of our things in with the help of a few friends and a truck, then we’ll clean up my parents house (not really an issue because it’s clean) and then spend the next week settling in and getting things back on track with wedding planning. It’s nervewrecking to start a new routine and be on the verge of a whole new life, but I’m so excited to make our little home and space!