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Remember why you love it.

By February 27, 2015CrossFit, Jessica

Lifting at my favorite bar yesterday. First attempt at weighted snatches since injury. All overheads feel weak, but I'm grateful for progress and all the encouragement.

I realized after hitting ‘publish’ on my CrossFit Intramural Game post that it’s been a bit since I talked about CrossFit and how training is going! If you remember, I sprained my wrist while lifting over Thanksgiving break, and since then it’s kind of been radio silence over here regarding the topic — unless you follow me on social media, and then you know I’ve still been at it pretty regularly.

Explaining the finer points of midline stability in the overhead position to Kaitlan. She enjoys watching us train, and I can't wait to see where that goes...

Training with clingy baby — a new level of “attachment” parenting.

I won’t lie, coming back from pregnancy, then having to almost stop, then slowly build back is a complete mind fuck. There were things I had completely recovered from pregnancy before getting injured, and there are things I’m still working to get back that were slowed because of injury.

There is a point (well okay many points) where you a begin to question just who you are and what you can do. Can I still technically do handstand push-ups if I haven’t since injury? A muscle up? Some days pull-ups are even hard. It’s hard to know where I stop and where it’s just coming back from being injured.

I feel like if I had to give it a number, I’m sitting at 70%, that weird point where it’s hard to feel glass half-full, but not half empty either.

The first thing people told me to do when I sprained my wrist is squat. Squat all the time. It seemed a depressing prospect at the time, but then I started doing it. And box jumps. And heavy weighted lunges. It made the fact that my top half felt weaker a little easier to bear because my bottom half felt awesome. Looked a lot better too.

Slowly I started doing a lot of GHD sit-ups, then some kettlebell work. Lots of kettlebell cleans. Heavier and in higher numbers than ever before. When my wrist started feeling a bit better, I pulled the bar out again and started doing empty-bar cleans. Felt so good I cried when I got in my car.

The aftermath of #PR Fran...

Post “Fran” PR — ouch, but butterflies are still strong!

Pull-ups and ring dips were next. They are still hard, but getting better. A couple weeks ago I snatched with weight for the first time in preparation for the Open. Yikes, talk about starting over — I’ve got a long road ahead of me there, which sucks because the week before I sprained my wrist I was at my old 1RM and closing in on 100 (yes I’m a light snatcher — even lighter now).

Injury sucks, and this is not where I imagined myself being close to 6 months postpartum, especially having to scale my CrossFit Open workouts yet again. But maybe instead of looking at it as starting over, I should think of it more as the privilege of getting to fall in love with this sport more often than most.


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