The Tire Flip

By February 29, 2012CrossFit, Exercise, Running

Jessica Tire Flip from Kohler Created on Vimeo.

Before I started working out, I used to watch other people work out. I used to dream of being fit, which at that time meant wearing spandex and running 8-minute miles. Oh and not sweating, because fit people don’t sweat. I always talked myself out of trying things, because I didn’t want to be uncomfortable.


Last night I flipped a 200-lb tire ten times. Then I did it twice more so Neil could capture it with his phone. Sure, part of my motivation was a little e-bragging, but most of it was for myself. I haven’t really “seen” myself since we started CrossFit, and I thought a little video capture might give me a glimpse of the fit person I always dreamed of being.

It did. I did it.

In spandex. While sweating.

That 400-lb tire better look out!