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Trick or …Trick?

By November 2, 2011Halloween


We were beyond excited for this Halloween…


Our house was decked out…(apparently ghouls are THE thing in this neighborhood)…


Our pumpkins were carved…


We bought TONS of candy…


We put the pup in costume…


I even made snacks for us, a trial run of Paleo brownies…

We waited…

…and waited…

…and waited…

We had a total of 8 trick or treaters. Where were all the kids? Do kids not trick or treat anymore? We were SO sad. Growing up, I couldn’t wait to be on the other side; to have a house, a husband, a dog and be handing out the candy, and the first year I get to do it, there are no kids! What’s the deal!?


  • Amy Swiney says:

    That is strange. I wonder if it’s because of the downtown/community activities? Friends in smaller communities said they had 80-100 trick or treaters, so I know kids are still going out!

    Clive is adorable in his costume. Glad he’s feeling better.

    • Jessica says:

      Yeah, I think it’s just our neighborhood not having as many kids and strategically being so close to downtown. We’ll know for next year…

  • Liz says:

    Such a bummer! And Clive is totally the cutest in his outfit, I love it.

  • That stinks! I would be happy to share a few…hundred with you 🙂
    Yep…we had about 800 kids. It was a bit crazy.

  • J.D. says:

    Yes, total bummer!

    I wish your house had been around here, judging by your awesome decorations/pumpkins/treats I think you would have easily been in the 75-100 kid range. There were oodles of kids out and some houses even gave away full size candy bars?! Our friends live on a dead end street (bad location) and had about 55 kids.

    Have you heard if any areas of Columbia had good turnouts?

    • Jessica says:

      Supposedly some of the subdivisions on the south side had excellent turnout. My brother said that my parents house got tons of kids, and I’m thinking people just drove their kids out to these wealthier subdivisions and dropped them off and waited at the entrance. Smart parents huh? Neil and I really wanted to do full-size candy bars so we could be “those people.” Had we known we were only going to have eight kids, we could have!

      • J.D. says:

        Glad to hear there were other good turnouts reported. 🙂 It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun doing the prep anyway, and those brownies look delicious!

      • That was going to be my guess – parents drive their kids to wealthier neighborhoods. I didn’t expect any trick or treaters, as we rent a house on a busy road the neighborhood behind ours is super nice and rich-looking. I think bussing your kids around spoils some of the Halloween spirit – I always thought it was a chance for people in a neighborhood to do something together, giving and getting candy from the people you see every day on your street. Guess I’m just old fashioned. 😉

        Your house looks awesome though! We didn’t decorate at all, but I plan to redeem myself at Christmas.

        • Jessica says:

          We are the token smaller house in a much bigger, wealthier area. I think our downfall was that other than a few houses, most of the residences are those of older people who don’t bother to participate. I remember as a kid that if I looked down a street and only saw one light, I wouldn’t waste the time…

  • We didn’t get much more here. Maybe 40 kids? Had I known we could have drive the girls over. 🙂

  • Yum Yucky says:

    Snickers used to be my fav! I wish upon you deluge of trick or treaters next year comin’ at ya from every direction. Get ready! hehehe

  • casacaudill says:

    We decorated AND I put my costume back on, minus the makeup. We only had about 15 kids total. My neighbors have two kids and they took them to a really nice community five minutes away (we’re separated by a freeway) which was kind of shocking since they’re usually so agro about being invested in the community. In New Hampshire a former co-worker’s Halloween festivities were scheduled for WEDNESDAY. Apparently some developments don’t actually have Halloween be the 31st every year but rather they assign it a day based on the HOA vote. Insanity.

  • casacaudill says:

    By the way, how were the brownies? My zucchini bread was a bust. 🙁