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Veggie Burgers and Eating Considerately

By January 28, 2010December 18th, 2014Food

I know, by that title you think this post is entirely about being polite and opening doors for our food or something. Not entirely. I wanted to pass along this great review of store-bought veggie burgers that is spot on. Neil and I eat veggie burgers about twice a week, and the Morningstar burgers are by far and away the best tasting, most flavorful you can buy. And may I just add that they’ve come a LONG way since the days of Boca being the single sad spongy choice. Most restaurants, even fast-food restaurants have ventured into veggie burgers!

I never thought I’d get Neil to go meatless as often as we currently are, but his growing conscience about what happens from farm to table coupled with the monetary expense of even non-organic meat has resulted in him being a lot more open-minded to meatless meals and a vegetarian lifestyle. I can surely see the physical difference in us both. We’re not all-or-nothing extremists when it comes to our food. If someone cooks a great steak, we’ll still eat it, but the choice not to purchase meat or at the very least non-organic/ethical meat is a powerful message we hope to send with our choices.

That being said, here are 5 great veggie burger recipes I hope you’ll consider:

Do you eat veggie burgers? Store-bought or DIY? Link up your favorites or recipes!