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We Found a Winner! Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Burgers

By June 7, 2011Food, Mad Props

New Veggie Burgers

With all the crazy moving action over the past two weeks, dinnertime around our house(s) has been more or less “well, what do you want to pick up tonight?” Don’t get me wrong, we love a good dinner out, but when it’s every night, it can get more than a little old, and difficult to keep healthy. Since we’re still kind of in kitchen transfer mode, I wanted a quick dinner last night, not a lot of hassle or mess, because we still have enough of that around here as it is. Neil headed off to our local Natural Foods Market in search of dinner and came back with a package of Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Burgers.

Pepper Jack Cheese

I meant to snap a picture before Neil slapped the cheese on them, but sadly missed my chance.

Veggie burger and Corn and Rice

In the past, Neil and I have never been all that impressed with store-bought veggie burgers. They are all kind of blah. Same flavor, same consistency, and something we usually put up with only because they are fast and easy and not meat. These however, were phenomenal! The flavors were warm, the consistency was solid but tender and juicy. Like meat, but NOT meat. I just have to pass along our recommendation for them, because they far surpass the competition.

PS – These thoughts are our own. Dr. Praeger hasn’t slipped us a shipment of burgers or payment for our kudos.


  • Elizabeth says:

    yes yes yes! Totally just did the EXACT same thing. So funny. I have been going through every brand of store-bought veggie burgers and didn’t really like any of them until now. We JUST bought this brand at wegmans this past weekend. My hubby and I were pleasantly surprised and practically yelled “FINALLY!!!!!” Another good brand is one carried by Trader Joe’s…do you have Trader Joe’s in Ohio? If so, I would recommend trying out this one: obviously if you aren’t a fan of Indian, you won’t care for it, but it is actually decent.

    • Jessica says:

      We’re actually in Missouri, but our nearest Trader Joe’s is about 2 hours away. That being said we have tried their brand and like them a good deal also, but man Praeger’s hits it out of the park! I’m glad we aren’t the only one’s obsessed with finding the perfect veggie burger!

      • Elizabeth says:

        Missouri!! why’d I think Ohio? anyhoo, 2 hours is too far to drive, even for trader joe’s. I am glad someone else obsesses about veggie burgers too. Somehow it’s comforting.