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Weeknight NOM

By April 26, 2012December 16th, 2014Food, Paleo


Dinner last night was NOM NOM Paleo’s Damn Fine Chicken and Sautéed Spinach with Warm Bacon Dressing. So good I ran outside as it was getting dark and snapped a few photos. My neighbors probably think we’re nuts. I don’t care, warm salad is definitely my new favorite side dish.


It’s so easy too. Cook bacon, remove, add scallions, cook in bacon fat, add spinach and continue cooking until wilted. Only downer is that it takes a LOT of spinach to make an ample side.


Our meals have been extremely simple lately. Not lazy or ill-thought, just extremely simple. Whereas even our “unprocessed” meals before going mostly Paleo were riddled with ingredients and processes to prepare them (therefore giving us ample content and many popular posts), our meals now really feel like just a dash of this and that, then baked, grilled or eaten raw or steamed. I’ve debated for that reason whether or not to post them, but decided that as lovers of food, how can we not?


After all, good food needs little primping right?


  • Looks tasty… we’ve been eating pureed cauliflower & sauteed sweet onion. Hubs tends to “lock on” to foods he he So this may be a fun change. Thanks!:”)