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08-29-2009 PDX Videos and Thoughts

By August 30, 2009Automotive, Neil, Racing

STL SCCA PDX at Gateway International Raceway
Driver: Neil Kohler
Car: 2003 Nissan 350z

*if videos are not up check back later, youtube has to process them, can take a couple hours*
**Also, please view them in High Quality if possible, they are much better that way**


The day went well aside from a couple small mishaps. I learned a few better lines through turn 3-4 as well as how to use my grip and exit speed using all of the track. My instructor said I just need to get more confident with the car and start using the power earlier and braking later. He said I am ready to move into the advanced group and go solo as from here out its mostly just seat time and thus will come more confidence/speed.

Here are my videos I got of the day.

Third run:

8-29-2009 PDX 3rd run pt 1
8-29-2009 PDX 3rd run pt 2

This run I was trailing a camaro for a good while getting a decent groove going, then we hit traffic.

Fourth Run

8-29-2009 PDX 4th run pt 1
8-29-2009 PDX 4th run pt 2

This run I was trailing a viper and we were gonig pretty good back and forth through the infield, of course he would eat me in the straights. In the first video around 3:19 I almost lose it because I ran too tight of a line with too much throttle. In the second video around 1:25 you can hear the welded tip of one side of my exhaust fall off. Pretty comical. I heard the sound then looked in my rear view and saw what looked like a coffee can flying 6 feet in the air. Thankfully no one was behind me.

Fifth Run

8-29-2009 PDX 5th run pt 1
8-29-2009 PDX 5th run pt 2

This run I got to go out solo and after getting by the camaro I had a pretty wide open track for the rest of the session. I am not sure if my fastest lap times were in this session, but it sure felt like it. However during my 4th session pushing the viper really made me go quick as well. I timed out a couple 1:17’s on this video which is not too bad. A lot of really good drivers are around the 1:14C area. While I do not consider myself a really great driver yet, it is encouraging to see that I am at least a couple seconds off of those that are. No drama on this run really, I was pretty happy to end the day with it.


This may be my last event of the season, not sure yet. I need to buy an exhaust and I have new brakes and end links to put on, and of course quite a bit of maintenance items. Looking forward to maybe 1 more event this year, or if not, next year. I hope that James and I can get more people out next year as well. I also hope to visit different tracks like Hallett or Mid America Motorplex in Omaha next year.


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