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President Obama

By January 20, 2009Uncategorized

Clever huh? Its exciting to think that this morning we not only watched history but the start of a new era of what I hope is revitalization and honesty in our country. I don’t have lofty hopes, but I hope that today marks the beginning of our people not only holding their government accountable, but themselves. It has to start with ourselves, and I hope I can contribute in some way. I’m so excited that Barack Obama is our leader, as I believe he truely represents my ideals, values, and idealism.


It astonishes me that there are already many detractors with¬† some¬† insane comments. Making reference to his assassination, saying that we falsely worship him as a God, or being incredibly pompous and sarcastically implying that by our comprehension, we should all wake up tomorrow with our problems fixed. I won’t let it anger me, but it seems incredibly ironic that many of these people wrote our last President a blank check as he ripped through a fiscal surplus and engaged in pre-emptive invasion and immoral action, and he was their “gift from God.” If you have the intellect for such biting wit, put it to action and be a contributive citizen for change, reform, and renewal. Its about us. If you choose to sit back and do nothing, then its on you.

As we mark a very historic day, many have made reference to Dr. King, whom we officially celebrated yesterday. Let us not forget also, the many Americans who fought that battle, and many like it, and those who are still fighting.

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