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Earth Day Weekend

By April 23, 2017MK, Technology, Weekend


I feel like we did a lot this weekend, which is awesome, but mostly I think I’m excited because KK is at an age where she is just is so much more go with the flow. And she wants to do everything we are! Last year she was constantly trying to wander off. This year she wants to be a part of what we’re doing and stick around, and it makes things we want or need to get done so much easier — and fun!

I started Saturday morning with a little coaching over at Fringe East. Liz planned some fun warm-up games for the class themed around Earth Day! I then enjoyed some stir fry courtesy of Neil:


We then cleaned up the garden and some of the yard to make way for flowers and tomatoes. I really want KK to enjoy the yard, and enjoy gardening now that she’s older. She’s also got a swingset on the way, and I hope to get a few more little things done around the yard for her. I’m also still dreaming of a fire pit for myself.




We just got a new camera for day to day use! I’ve been wanting something I could easily transfer photos from, that wasn’t as big as my DSLR, and that I could use to possibly vlog. Neil picked up the Sony DSC-RX100M3! I also got a Joby GorillaPod which will make training videos with the phone or camera easier to take. It’s getting serious over here! Okay maybe not — but I was tired of trying to drag the DSLR around, and I didn’t want all our pictures to be taken on our phones.

Some carwash scenery…

April 21-23

Some shots of dinner and food prep because I couldn’t resist playing with it a bit more:

April 21-23

Neil was having her shake the wings in oil and salt, thus the somewhat blurry photo:

April 21-23

We’re exhausted, but I’m so not ready to go to work tomorrow and drop her off at daycare. What’s going on in your world?