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2017… and it’s gone!

By January 1, 2018Jessica, MK, Neil

I think it’s safe to say that 2017 was crazy. My last blog post was in April. I’ve never let the blog lapse more than a month in all the time I’ve been blogging. I thought about blogging nearly every day, but you know how it is if you’re Type A — if you can’t do it perfectly, you just don’t do it. But I missed it. Writing has always been cathartic for me. Additionally, documenting our lives has been important to me, and I feel guilty about the lapse at such an amazing time in KK’s life. But life happens, and it definitely happened in 2017.

How was our year?

In June, KK moved from childcare in a 50/50 split between my parents and a neighbor to being part-time preschool and part-time with the neighbor. We spent most of the summer working on potty training and that adjustment. If you’re a parent, you know it’s tough to potty train when your child is kind of bouncing around. KK fought it tooth and nail and it wasn’t until she fully transitioned to preschool that she really kind of latched onto the social aspect of potty time at school and was then potty trained in less than a month! In that time we had racing, CrossFit training in preparation for HOA (my third time), a trip to the CrossFit Games in Madison, and two trips to Minnesota for a family reunion and the State Fair.


In fall, we had racing, a wedding/vacation in Pennsylvania, and then we were right inside the holiday season. Time just absolutely flew by. We also just worked really hard this year. Tons of freelance, tons of work at our full-time jobs, and tons helping out running a now two-location CrossFit affiliate.

It’s been a full and busy year, but the biggest piece missing was any kind of personal or professional development. There was a lot of doing, and a LOT of doing for others, but not so much ourselves. Life happens in seasons, but it also is something we can be more mindful of. We both miss blogging, I miss the feeling of putting back into myself. So while my blog posts will never be show stoppers to read, they do a lot for me, and I hope to get back to that, however it looks.

So here is to an healthy, fulfilling 2018!