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A Boastful Roast

By December 12, 2012December 16th, 2014Neil, relationship


I achieved pure cheese on that title didn’t I? Haha. I am running around like a crazy person today. My coworker is coming into town for 24 hours to work on a project, and since I never have people over, I tend to go a bit overboard when it comes for preparing for their arrival. I have cleaned my entire house, I planned an easy dinner that I wouldn’t have to worry about and I’m hoping that if I pee the dogs every 15 minutes, we won’t have any phantom pee in the kitchen this afternoon.


Last night while I was working, Neil disappeared to the kitchen for a bit and came back and told me dinner was ready for the crock pot. I didn’t give it much thought until this morning when I looked in the fridge and saw that he had pre-cut and seasoned all the veggies and the roast was thawed and ready to go. He even put the chicken stock in a pot to finish thawing. It saved me so much time.


I’m never one to boast, but man, Neil is the best.