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Halloween Eve

By October 31, 2011Food, Halloween, Local Food


Yesterday was Halloween Eve. We were scheduled to go on a mushroom hunt with Jeremy, but our poor little Clive got sick, so I stayed home with him while Neil went out in the early morning cold to hunt mushrooms for me, since he doesn’t like them.

Our local state park has an awesome cave, perfect for the Halloween motif don’t you think?




While he didn’t find any mushrooms (it’s pretty much end-of-season), he did find this:


Blegh right? It bore striking resemblance to the mountain lion poop we saw at Glacier, so Neil aptly documented it for my review. Lovely! I couldn’t tell one way or the other. Mountain lions are rare in Missouri, but they do wander in.


He also found Hericium erinaceus, or Bearded Tooth Mushroom. I don’t know where they got that name, but weird right?

He came home around noon to Clive and I still curled up on the couch so he cracked a beer and started working on dinner.


A Boulevard Double-Wide IPA served in the Schells mug he picked up while we were in MN visiting my grandpa.


Some oranges for the yard bird. We’re trying to make up a whole smoked chicken every week so we have some accompaniment for our weekday lunch salads. Tuna gets old fast.


We then started our pumpkins. Because things have been so crazy around here, we’re a little late on carving this year.


Our poor sick boy came out to watch and nibble on pumpkin. Such a trooper.


He was so fascinated by what we were doing and why we weren’t eating the pumpkin. He stole a few pieces. Even sick, the pup is totally food obsessed. Hopefully the pumpkin gave him a little fiber.


Neil’s spooky pumpkin. I love the mouth!


And mine. I was going for a wide gap-ish creepy smile. And weird eyes apparently?


Together they make a random goofy pair. People always think we do really intricate and complicated carving since we’re designers, but we tend to keep carving simple. It stays fun and pressure-free, and being done within an hour means we can do a lot more with our day.


We finished just in time for a little yard bird and leftover sweet potato skins. Yum! Recipes definitely coming soon. All in all a good weekend, sans a little sick pup and a cranky cat. Hopefully they feel better in time for trick or treaters tonight. First Halloween in our new house!

Do you have any Halloween traditions?


  • We don’t really have any traditions for Halloween other than really simple pumpkin carvings and chopping all the chocolate candy we get and throwing it into brownie mix so that we can “just get rid of it already”. I do appreciate your old-school pumpkins. the carving artists I’ve seen this weekend are putting us to shame!

    • Jessica says:

      Haha, that’s what we’ll be doing if we don’t get enough trick or treaters to get rid of our supply. My mom used to “tax” our stock saying it was part of our rooming fee.

      Hope the boys have a fabulous time trick or treating, you better take pics!