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A little adventure…

By March 16, 2012March 20th, 2012Automotive, Racing


You know it’s an adventure in our house if it starts with a pile of cash. As I mentioned earlier in the week, Neil’s been looking at car trailers for weeks, and with over a dozen hit and misses, he was starting to get a little discouraged.

Until last night.

A great deal on a 16-foot trailer popped up in St. Louis and we knew we had to move fast. We put┬áthe pups in the car, hit the bank and drove through a terrible thunderstorm to beat the other potential buyers. I thought buying a trailer would be a benign task, but apparently if you’re looking for deals and you live in Missouri, it’s a cutthroat venture.


All black, just like the Jeep. Completely “murdered out.” Do people still say that?


It has a dove-tail, built-in ramps and brakes on one axle.


Very, very nice.


Another check off the list in preparation for the season! It’s always so sweet when Neil thanks me after we make a significant purchase for the car. Over the years, he’s seen a lot of friends quit racing, usually due to the pressure of significant others or family commitments. This hobby definitely requires a fair bit of expense and sacrifice. But seeing him so excited as he prepares for events and how proud he feels when he performs well makes it so very worth it. Almost as good as sitting in the driver’s seat myself. Maybe someday…

Ever go on a crazy adventure for a must-have item?


  • Mary Ann Durboraw says:

    Now all we have to do is figure out how to put sides on that trailer so Neil can haul all those “honey due’s” Jessica is going to want to trick out her yard with (mulch, trees, dirt) no gym required for yard work!!! Mom Durboraw