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A little training update

By April 22, 2015CrossFit, Exercise, Jessica


Can I even call what I do training anymore? I always emphasize to athletes at the box that they need to constantly evaluate their training and goals, and document their development wherever possible. I’m obviously terrible at taking my own advice, because I haven’t done that in months. But since I’m coming out of what I would consider the “survival mode” of new parenting and was just asked to be a Women’s Health Magazine Action Hero for another year, I thought I’d kick-off a new start with a little update!

Note: I’ve broken things up into “currently” and “going forward.” This is not by design, just how I organized the randomness of the initial draft for easier consumption.



You’re probably wondering why I’m starting a training up date with Chiropractic, but it has everything to do with it I promise. For what probably seems like an eternity, I have been saying I need to be better about self-care. Having a baby, carrying around and co-sleeping with said baby and doing CrossFit has been a doozy to my body. Last month after I attended Elisabeth Akinwale’s seminar, I finally took the much-needed step and started seeing a chiropractor. While I’m certainly not “fixed,” I’m addressing tightness in my hips and slumped shoulders from far too many years at a computer.


On the heels of adding chiropractic, mobility is equal to workouts. I’m not only doing post-WOD mobility, but pre- as well. I’m also seeking out some dedicated regimens to help strengthen my shoulders and lower back.


Stroller run with the Beeb


I’ve been running more, and really liking it. I’ve always had this love/hate relationship with running, which I think is half the reason I ended up in CrossFit, but now I’m doing more and liking the freedom of little 1-3 mile jaunts 1-2 times a week. I definitely will never be a distance/dedicated runner, but everything in moderation keeps me happy.

Less Weight

Since spraining my wrist, I’ve been working at lower weights during WODs and only going heavier in strength sets. My body is feeling a lot less crunched and I’m feeling really good with this balance of heavy and speed. I think too often the Internet makes more workouts and heavier weight the mark of effective training and getting stronger. Not. The. Case.

Dedicated Technique and Isolation Work

My weekend availability makes me prime for coaching Open Gym times, and I’ve started using these to work technique, rather than do an actual workout. I break down movements and work them in isolation, and sometimes I do “bro” strength exercises that CrossFit has until recently always poo poo’d.

Going forward:

Mental Blocks

Between injury and postpartum, I think I need some mental programming. I have far too many hang-ups and self-questioning moments — and I’d like to return to a place of full-confidence regarding my training and how I’m doing. Elisabeth Akinwale gave me some great tips, and I’ll share an update with how it’s going soon.


Using a little notecard binder from my MIL for my mantras…

Mantra Cards

Okay, this is just one of the tips Elisabeth had. She keeps mantra cards in her bag. I definitely have a few, and no, they are not reminding myself I’m a beast or that I shouldn’t quit even if I puke or bleed — I’m not that kind of CrossFitter.

Training from Home

My barbell is currently living at home in its box, and we have a little corner of the house that I’m hoping to carve out for myself. This is a bigger, more convoluted thing, but for now, I’m focusing on the positive and that lifting won’t be limited to someplace I have to drive.

Now that I’m kind of able to see a little in front of me, it’s a clear reminder that there are only so many things that can fit into our days and weeks, and I have to be really selective and a lot more organized. That’s not me being snotty, it’s just reality at this point. Training is still up there on my list of priorities. This has really sparked a lot of my focus on mobility and diversification and trying to have a better plan to stay balanced and happy with my fitness.

This all being said, TRAIN ON!

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