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Baby’s first cold

By January 26, 2015Jessica, MK, Neil, Weekend

Well, it finally happened. Despite my constant disinfecting, supplementing, hovering, and attempts to ward off potential illnesses with extra sleep and no life, our Beeb caught her first cold late last week.


Getting ready for a walk around the neighborhood…

I can say now with confidence, there is nothing more worrisome than having a sick baby. It isn’t enough that people aren’t vaccinating and you are worried about taking them anywhere period, but when they do catch something they are they miserable, but they can’t tell you what’s wrong. And everything you build up in them routine-wise to keep them happy goes right out the window.

On Wednesday and Thursday, she woke up at 11, 12, 2, and 4 am screaming with her face buried in my chest and a nose full of snot. It was awful. We finally cried “uncle” mid-way through the day Thursday and went home from work to sleep.


That said, she was such a trooper. She took awesome naps and was generally a very happy baby. She also quickly went back to waking up every 3 hours like normal, thankfully. While keeping her happy and entertained, we nursed our own colds with some homemade soup, plenty of orange juice and Netflix.

Here’s to a much smoother, snot-free week…