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There has to be Perspective

By July 15, 2008Family, Jessica, Neil, relationship

It’s amazing how hard it can be to keep things in perspective when you’re going about your every day life and routine. Lately life has been hectic, not bad, but amazingly full. Neil and I were home this weekend, and feeling stressed and somewhat overwhelmed by everything that had seemingly befallen us all at once; work, school, wedding decisions, my parents moving, our summer schedule and most devastatingly, Felix getting ill. I think when you hit that brink of mental overload, something clicks…maybe breaks, and that moment of “why the fuck do I give a crap about this” settles in. Some of the issues we cake onto the big issues and worry about are really silly.

It’s funny how easily you get caught up in the rat race… and how your ideals about how life should be get dictated by what your friends have or what you feel you might be less without. Really makes you understand those groups that live off the grid.

We really are lucky to have what we have – health, family, friends -how come it’s so hard to just stop once and a while and appreciate that? I can only speak for myself but, it’s really time to let go of what detracts from what is ultimately our best selves. I really have it better than most.

I only have one fun link for today. I’ve been doing a lot of school work and work research, which is no fun for you, so here’s my fun one:

I don’t get to entertain much, but I love pouring over the different entries and products featured here.

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  • Kory says:

    It’s funny how wisdom is dispensed to us when we aren’t expecting it… ‘Wheresoever is your treasure will also be your heart.’ (Luke 12.something, per me). Or ‘If there’s something to buy, someone will buy it; and if you buy it, someone will try to take advantage of your having it. So be careful not to buy for the sake of buying, because in the end you will undermine your every effort. For those who know only “stuff” will stay up late at night, counting and arranging their treasures. But those who know what they really need will indeed sleep carefree.’ (Ecclesiastes 5.11-12, per me)

    Thank you for the morning thoughts. I have dreams of what beautiful life and depth could be discovered going “off the grid…” If you guys ever decide to do it (even for a short time) and need some partners, I think I could talk Elizabeth into it. Maybe. It’d be easier if we weren’t alone. Camping doesn’t count. It would have to at least be a permanent shelter before she would agree to it.

    Our ancestors would scoff at us.