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By October 5, 2009October 10th, 2009Art, blogging, Cool Stuff, Friends, Graphic Design, Jessica, Misc., Neil, Photography


Well one of these will be coming soon. The other will be cast into the flames of back-up, second choice, lesser and not quite good enough. Almost makes you want to root for your second choice a little more doesn’t it. Well, we are finally clear of the wedding, and clear of a few other hurdles and are ready to move into the next phase of our life that I’ve often remark makes us different from a lot of our friends. Most of our friends are settling into the house they are planning on being in, have kids, or are creating children and basically hit their finish line. Neil and I, although happy and comfortable are not in such a place yet. We are not only not geographically where we’d like to end up, but we still have a little steam in our engine as far as the things we’d like to pursue education and career-wise. In the past year, I’ve watched friends endeavor in their own businesses and web ventures and now I think Neil and I are ready for our own. We’re like the perfect cluster-f*** of a skill set. Basically, if you want it, Neil and I probably have the skill set to help you out in any area of design, creative, social media, IT, or consulting on those and tons of other stuff. Needless to say finishing our website over the next few weeks ought to be a real treat.

It’s scary. Will we have work? Will people like us? I hope the answer is yes, but that’s what we’re endeavoring to find out. We’re good people. We do good work, and we work well with others. If for some reason we can’t do it, we have a great network of friends and professional associations who 99 times out of 100 will be able to help. I always refer people to friends first, and my professional philosophy is always keep the work close to home. If you read this blog, chances are I’ve recommended you to someone. It is with that philosophy that over the next year will hopefully build our creative as well as a what I feel are a creative collective of great people we’re blessed to have around us. We hope that adding ourselves to the web will not only be great for us, but for you. Stay tuned for our website, and hopefully a better looking more interactive blog.

So now that my impromptu dramatic mission statement is out of the way, which logo do you like better?


  • Blake says:

    Just a realistic concern, on the top one, is the text too similar to the Kohler logo? I know that its in all caps, but it seems to be a very similar test style and would that be an issue? After the recent South Butt vs. North Face issue, I thought i would ask? If that’s not an issue, I’m a fan of #1, It stands out more. Would it make more sense to have the K in the K2 to match the K in Kohler? You can ignore my comments, I just figured I’d give you my thoughts!

  • Samantha says:

    I kind of liked #2, but I agree with Blake that the Kohler stands out more in #1. #2 just seems a little less busy. Both look awesome though!

  • Jes says:

    @Blake. Yeah that’s the downer of having Kohler as a last name. I have over 500 typefaces. Any boldfaced name looks like it’s the fixture logo, serif or sans-. I think I am going with #1:)

  • nkohler81 says:

    however the KOHLER logo is in all caps and really the letters are a lot closer together, the only thing in common they both share is that they are bold. I dont know if you can copyright restrict a bold typeface if the fonts are totally different.

  • Blake says:

    Neil, I agree, but I wanted to ask. That’s why I referenced the North Face – South Butt issue. South Butt is technically totally different then North Face, both in Font and Logo, BUT there is enough similarity that North Face got all bent out of shape about it, like I said, just figured I’d throw it out there, I guessing you are right, I mean how could they restrict a font or typeface, that’d be like Metallica restricting a certain order in which chords are played…oh wait, Metallica did try to sue on that one, at least they lost.