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Finally an Update

By October 10, 2007March 19th, 2014Jessica, MU, Neil, relationship

I decided to try to update and revive this blog at a really funny time. I was just starting school and Neil and I were finishing the summer car season, which always seems to be a “pack it all in” mentality, lol. Needless to say, I have survived both, with two A’s I might add. It’s exciting to have the first semester under my belt, and feel that I took something I knew nothing about and made it my own. It wasn’t easy. Because the masters program is geared towards secondary K-12 teachers I had to propose and essentially re-write every assignment to suit my goals, which are definately more along the lines of an undergraduate curriculum. I had fun though, and I met a lot of new people, and made a lot of new acquaintances.

Aside from school, work is also going well. I was nominated and won a Student Services Star Award. I know it’s not an AIGA award, or something recognized or administered by a graphic design, but I was nominated by my coworkers, so that lets me know I’m doing an okay job at the very least. We’re really coming together as a team, and I’m thankful that I have a boss who sees the industry and our role in our organization the way I do. It was such a tumultuous hiring process, and I was really afraid over who would take over. But it’s amazing how blessed I’ve become in this position to really grow with the department.

My life has continued to grow more incredible by the day. Neil accepted a position with the University of Missouri Healthcase system, and relocated here at the beginning of October. He’s staying with my roommate and I through the end of our lease in March, so it’s quite the tight fit, but I really feel the house has a new warmth and closeness, and I’m definately excited to come home, and share dinner, stories, and life with the two men in my life.

Neil and I are a month away from our one year anniversary. After all we’ve been through to be in the same town, and where we’ve come as individuals, I can say for myself that this is definately a long time coming. Few people are so fortunate to get to be with the one they love, the one they choose, and the one they dream of. I’m excited. It’s nice to feel that your life is in its place, and right where you want it to be. We’re blessed, beyond blessed, and definately definately in love 🙂

In the next few months I look forward to buiding our in-town life, my freelance, and our jobs. We’re definately always looking for influence, advice, and new people, so feel free to comment and introduce yourself.