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Finishing the Job

By December 3, 2013DIY, House

Our pictures from the holiday weekend are going to be all sorts of out-of-order, but I know if I don’t post until I have them all I never will. A big part of the weekend was working on the closet — the scene of our recent washer/dryer replacement. Neil and Adam knocked out a portion of the wall which was tailored to fit around the old units in order to fit the bigger new units. While doing that, they installed new hook-ups because they were inadequate and poorly done. They also redid the plumbing for the washer drain so that it had a full 2-inch PVC pipe to drain into, rather than the 3/4-inch rubber tube that was way, way too small.

On Saturday we hopped in the closet and ripped out all the cruddy, old, and misshapen shelving that was in place and patched all the holes and uneven areas in the plaster and drywall. We just did the first pass-through, and will be doing the second sometime this week.






In progress:


Nasty huh? It was probably the most obnoxious thing we’ve tackled yet.





There were all these perfect 1″ caps all over the exterior facing wall that we pulled and patched. We have absolutely no idea why they were there. Holes to pull electric maybe? Their locations offer no clues, they are completely random. We jokingly remarked after finishing that we should have just knocked the walls out and re-did the drywall, but c’est la vie. I can’t imagine what we might have found lurking behind the walls. The odd choice in old paint color was enough.

In other house news, we also settled on the stove we wanted, and it will be delivered next Tuesday!