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I’m there man.

By March 7, 2012December 16th, 2014Birthday, Jessica


I’m 30. I still can’t believe it. I’m sorry for the sweaty post-workout pic and I swear my hair does not really appear that red in person. I made Neil take this to commemorate the day, is that strange?

The day was a little bittersweet, as you might expect a minor milestone to be. People kept asking me what my plans were throughout the day, and I just didn’t have an answer. I couldn’t gauge what they were really getting at. Did I have dinner plans? Am I hoping to get my doctorate in five years? It felt like any other day to me, because it was, but some part of me felt like it was detaching and being left behind. I don’t know, I’m not prophetic so I won’t try to be. I jokingly answered each inquiry with “well I’m leaving my twenties better than I found them.” At least that’s true, and for that I’m so grateful.

Our plans for the day were fairly routine: dentist appointments, work and a CrossFit WOD. The weather was absolutely amazing. Sunny, breezy and in the 70s! We decided to travel by bike and take the trail to the dentist and work. Traffic aside, it was so relaxing. The sun was up, there were deer on the trail. Total trip was just shy of 7 miles for me and 12 for Neil.

After all the biking, a 900m shuttle-run WOD, and another mile and a half with the dogs (I’m pretty sure I broke my PR for max daily fitness) we were absolutely starving when we got home. We went to work immediately on dinner, two oven-baked pork chops and a bunch of asparagus. The marinade we made was fantastic:

2 bone-in pork chops (about 4 ounces each) plus…

4 garlic cloves, halved
2 tablespoons Braggs Liquid Aminos
2 tablespoons coconut sugar
1 tablespoon coconut oil
Salt and freshly ground pepper



I pulsed everything in the food processor, poured it over the chops and baked them at 350 F for about 45 minutes. Enjoyed them with a few special drinks and it was lovely. I can’t imagine marking the day any other way than comparing hamstring soreness with my husband and protecting my dinner from four ravenous pets.


And just because it was my birthday, and there were just a few hours left to do whatever I wanted, I got a “magic” soda and Twizzlers. They’re magic because you can customize the flavors and add more flavor. All sugar and syrup, totally terrible.

I’m contemplating a bucket list, but I’m still not sure. For now, I’m still enjoying the vagueness of what the next ten years could have in store.

If you could celebrate your birthday any way you want, how would you spend the day?


  • Sounds like an amazing birthday celebration. Very relaxing and comfortable. I’m surprised you didn’t get blown over on your bikes – it was extremely windy in Columbia. Happy belated birthday!

  • Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday! Bike rides and twizzlers….that sounds like fun to me. I love doing something active on my birthday. It’s usually in the Fall and the colors in Vermont are pretty, so I like to hike. And make my own cake. Ha! I’m so into baking that I enjoy making it.

    Thirty is sort of bittersweet, too. I’m going to turn 32 this year (What? WHAT?), and I still feel like I’m in the same place as I was in my twenties (in school, single, still figuring out what I want to do….) but my friends have become more settled. It’s a change for sure.

    Luckily, we become wiser:)

    • Jessica says:

      I feel the same way. I’m constantly feeling as though there isn’t enough time to learn and do everything I want to. Definitely becoming more self-assured and go-with-the-flow, so I hear you!

  • This sounds like my kind of birthday. I’m not sure what I want to do yet for my 30th, but you can’t go wrong with good workout, a nice dinner, and a bunch of dogs. Here’s to the next decade!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Happy Birthday!! Personally, I have never been a big birthday celebrator. Not because I don’t like to get older…I actually do…but just because I don’t know…just never been a big deal to me. Sooooooo, I like to do exactly what you did. Go about my normal day, maybe get a great run in, and then have something special to eat with my hubby and kids and greedy, greedy doggies. 30s are a good decade because your body is still really young, but your mind is mature and developed and settled, if that makes sense. At least that’s the way I see it. So enjoy where you are now. Right now is your life. It only gets better, but enjoy where you are right now!

    • Jessica says:

      I so agree! I just like to kind of disappear in the fold so to speak. Lay low. Not draw a lot of attention to myself (ironic since I’m a blogger — albeit a mostly unknown one). Birthdays always feel like a call to attention. I definitely hear you on feeling more settled and developed. We hung out with some early 20-somethings last night from our gym, and they were far too crazy for me to keep up with!

  • Rachel says:

    I’m glad you did what you wanted to do on your birthday. And of course you are going to have a great “30’s” because I’m more in this one than the “20’s” 🙂 Many fun trips and puppy times ahead of us both! Happy Birthday Bestie!

  • J.D. says:

    Happy belated b-day Jes! Glad it was a good day 🙂