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Fresh Garden Salad with Fried Tofu

By June 4, 2010April 20th, 2011Appetizers, Food, Gardening, Kitchen, Recipes, Salads, Sides, Vegetarian

Fried Tofu and Everything Salad

Fried Tofu and Everything Salad

Yup, our first salad from our garden-harvested lettuce. We channeled our best Alice Waters and made a Spicy Asian Salad with Fried Tofu. It ended up being more of a kitchen-sink salad though as we also tossed in some artichokes, dried cherries and Kalamata Olives. In any sense, pure joy!


  • Uhh That tofu looks incredible. I hate, hate salad. But this might help me change my tune.

  • Jessica says:

    I can only be on board with salads if they have a lot of variance. Different types of greens, veggies, tofu, fruit, and a great dressing.

  • Ashley says:

    Awesome. SO many people do not know who Alice Waters is…which is crazy! But I was excited to see the name drop 😉 Your blog is gorgeous!

  • Kathleen says:

    What is your method for frying tofu? It looks delish!

  • Jay says:

    my boyfriend and i have proievusly talked about getting p90x and after seeing your video esp since u said u dont have to run has def motivated me into getting it as a christmas present. i only gained about 30 pounds which ive already lost but both of us gained weight and hes in the navy so its important we both help each other out. im 12 wks postpartum and let me know how well it works im so excited to get it! goodluck!