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Scenes From Our Weekend

By April 5, 2011December 16th, 2014Exercise, Gardening, Weekend


The weather was almost summer-like this weekend, which in Missouri seems to be as close as you can ever get to Spring. To think that just over a week ago we had snow is mind boggling, but we definitely wanted to capitalize on the brief glimpse of spring while it was here. On Saturday we spent most of the morning cleaning up the front yard. We pruned, pulled and raked nearly every inch. How such a little front yard gets so cluttered is beyond me. We’ll have to get to the backyard another day.

Local and Organic Bratwurst

While we were finishing up the front yard, we fired up the grill. We had come across some local, organic bratwurst at the grocery store and decided that a warm day absolutely necessitated some barbecue.

Sun Tea

We also sun-brewed our first pitcher of peach tea. I’ve been waiting all winter for this day to come. A little lemon and ice would be very nice!

Bike Rides...

After an afternoon nap, we took Clive for a walk on the trail and took a bike ride. It’s amazing how a good bike can change your perspective on riding. I actually CRAVE riding my bike now, whereas I completely loathed and dreaded riding my old cheapie bike from Target. Such easy and fun exercise and we can bike from our house to campus in just 20 minutes!

A great ending to Spring Break. Now to get through this busy month of final projects and papers…