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By April 29, 2016May 5th, 2016Friday Link-up, MK, Parenting, Toddler Meals

The adage is still true, the days are long but the weeks and months go so fast! But it’s Friday…Fri-NALLY! I can’t believe April is over and this week just completely flew by. I started this post on Tuesday, put it down and just realized this morning that I never picked it back up. Worst blogger ever obviously.


No, my breakfast is not attractive, but it packs a protein punch. Seriously, why didn’t I try overnight oats sooner? Anyhow.

It feels like so SO much is going on right now. As Neil and I both work in higher education, the spring semester is over next week. We are toward an aggressive redirection with our course development process, and I’m definitely feeling frazzled (thus forgetting to finish this post). Earlier this week, I needed a breather so bad that I snuck off to the public library (a few blocks away) and perused children’s books for KK, which is pretty much the best thing ever.


I’m typically pretty insistent on her being with to pick out books, but I think I did a good job. At 20 months, the big winners are anything with subjects or things she knows, touch and feel/textures, and big bubbly faces (because everyone has EYES!). The past few weeks have been such a relief for me because she’s really getting into books again. She can even repeat a few phrases from her favorite books!


We also got her a car! Not a real one obviously, but a Little Tykes coupe that popped up on Zulily a few weeks back. These are like a must-have for toddlers. She has one at daycare and all her baby friends have them. What can we say, we’re weak to pressure! I like this one in particular because it’s a little more compact than the red/yellow one you see everywhere.

Fits nicely in the garage too!


We’ve also been spending a ton of time outside. Even though the pollen is terrible, we’ll endure it because the weather has been fabulous! KK is learning that not all flowers are for smelling…


Neil also took her out in the bike trailer that we just picked up from a member of our gym. She’s still getting used to the idea of a helmet…


Neil was a rockstar and stayed up really late on Sunday night to finish a pork butt in the smoker, and we’ve been enjoying it all week. This week he’s looking at brining and smoking some whole chickens. Our food prep is feeling so on point, I just love it.


And KK has been obsessed with rice lately. Whole handfuls and bowls of rice.


And a new word, which I’ll use to close out this photobomb of a post… Have a great weekend guys!

KK 20 months new word from Kohler Created on Vimeo.